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My name is Mark O’Bannon and I’m the author of THE DREAM CRYSTAL, which is the first book in SHADOWS & DREAMS fantasy series.

These books are Romantic Fantasy adventures about Aisling Nic Elathan, a Faerie Changeling who fights a war against The Shadow People over the power to control the dreams of mankind.

I write Romantic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  I plan to have plenty of free stuff here (short stories, etc.) when I get the time to create them.

Drop me an email if you like:  MEOwPublishing AT gmail DOT com

Mark O’Bannon

P.S.  MEOw Publishing is the publisher of my e-books.

About MarkOBannon2000

Mark O'Bannon is the author of the fantasy series, "Shadows & Dreams" which is about a war between the Tuatha De Danaan (the Faeries) and the Shadow People. You can find Mark on Google+ and Twitter.  Over the past 15 years, Mark has taught Writing, Self-Publishing and Internet Marketing for authors.  Visit his blog, “Better Storytelling” or his website, www.MarkOBannon.com

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