This is a real star map of all the stars within 50 light years of Sol (not including the 600 type “M” red stars).

The XYZ coordinates are in light years and were calculated using current stellar data.

There are 20 Imperial Provinces, separated by green lines.

The blue circle is 25 light years from Sol.

The purple circle is 50 light years from Sol.

The animals in the corners are from Chinese astronomy:
White Tiger of the West
Azure Dragon of the East
Vermillion Bird of the South
Black Tortoise of the North

Two regions are not represented on the map:
Purple Forbidden Enclosure (up)
Southern Asterisms (down)

Star Systems with a blue circle are the PROVINCIAL CAPITALS

Star systems with a pink circle are the star systems in the Purple Forbidden Enclosure Provinces
Star systems with a dark blue circle are star systems in the Southern Asterisms

Star systems contain the name of the star followed by the name of the main planet in that system.
Note that the star names are real existing stars, while the blue names are invented planetary names for my stories.