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IMPERIUM is an epic Science Fiction series of novels.
There is the main book series and several novellas and novels which are prequels to the main story.

IMPERIUM is where I take a utopian “Star Trek” kind of civilization and turn it into a dystopian “Star Wars Empire” kind of society. I then show how to build a FREE SOCIETY, using the new science of FREE WORLD THEORY.

IMPERIUM uses a realistic STAR MAP (shown above). These are real stars and their XYZ positions, in light years.


Imperium – Book 1 (3236 A.D.)

High Salvage (3230 A.D.)
Pirates of the Imperium (3234 A.D.)
Touching Infinity (3235 A.D.)

I’m writing a prequel novel or novella for each of the 8 main point of view characters in Imperium:
Seraphine DeVere (The Pirate)
Se Black (The Dreamer)
Alastriona DeTroyes (The Scientist)
Leopold Voss (The Conqueror)
Zheng Li (The Oracle)
William Parker (The Praefect)
Don Inocencio (The Guardian)
Ingli Nivienne (The Exile)

I also plan to write novels for some of the other prominent characters:
Celestine Ney
Alice White

I plan to pitch Imperium as a SciFi TV series, since it is an epic story that involves 8 point of view characters, 30 main opponents and a few hundred other characters. Similar to the design used in Game of Thrones, this type of story is called a “Grand Tapestry.”

I am currently converting the 10 episodes of Imperium into the main novel.
Pirates of the Imperium and High Salvage are finished.
Touching Infinity should be done by the end of April.